The Society seeks to uphold a high standard of choral singing and is always on the lookout for new blood and fresh voices to sustain it.

If you enjoy singing and would like to join us – (we do not audition our members) – you will be given a warm welcome.

Our annual subscriptions are modest at £93, payable yearly, or on a termly basis, £31 per term. (Fees for under 25s and those on benefits are £51 per annum or £17 per term.)

We arrange for the hire of library copies of vocal scores, usually £1.50 per copy per concert. Alternatively you may wish to purchase your own vocal score and this can be arranged, with occasional discounts for bulk orders.

Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings between 7.30 and 9.30pm during school terms. They are held at Christ Church, Bear Street, Barnstaple.

We are proud of being very much a performing choir. We believe that all singers, especially new members, will benefit most if they join us at the start of a term, as each rehearsal counts for best concert standards.

Mid/late-term joiners: if for any reason you can only join after several weeks of the term have passed, please be aware that, with regret, hired music may no longer be available. Sharing scores at rehearsal is difficult visually, and we do not share scores at performance for any reason. Just before concerts you will find us hard at work “fine-tuning” our presentation – the fundamental learning phase will have passed.

If either a mid-term music shortage has arisen or we have a concert due, we would ask that you wait until the start of the following/new term to join us at rehearsals. If in doubt, or for more details about membership, please contact the membership secretary, Ingrid Hardiman.